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1 - Employment Services:

Asharqia Chamber Employment Center is the only employment center of its kind in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The Center specializes in the recruitment of qualified Saudi nationals for more than 150 specializations for graduates holding Diplomas, Bachelor's Degrees, Master's Degrees, and PhD Degrees from various domestic and foreign institutes, colleges and universities. The Center uses the latest electronic recruitment system which contains a huge database of job seekers of both sexes who register and apply 24 hours a day via the Chamber website www.acec.com.sa . The system enables employers to obtain all necessary information on job seekers easily once the online registration is completed. The system also saves job seekers the trouble of searching through newspaper advertisements and Web sites. Registering with our Center has a number of benefits including:

·         Around the clock service.

·         Easy registration and use of the system from any location worldwide.

·         Easy, fast and accurate searches for job-seekers using our unique search engine.

·         Job announcements are featured on the site.

·         Employers can announce job openings electronically directly through the system.

·         Job seekers can apply for positions via the website directly.

·         Job seekers can save their CV's online and send them to employers via the internet.

·         Security and privacy for all users.

·         And many other benefits and services.

2 – Employment Interviews:

The Center will set up employment interviews with businesses that wish to conduct personal interviews of candidates. The following services are provided in this regard:

·         Contact job seekers whose qualifications fit the requirements of the posts to be filled and coordinate with employers to schedule initial interviews with applicants.

·         Provide reception rooms and hospitality for candidates whenever they visit the Center.

·         Provide offices to conduct candidate interviews.

·         Provide all support services including photocopying, fax, internet, email, printing, hotel reservations, and transportation.

·         Provide all other services necessary to conduct interviews so as to enable businesses to choose the best suitable candidates.

3 – Employment Counseling and Direction:

The a select group of job counseling specialists at the Center provide counseling services and career guidance to students and job seekers. There are also many other services available through the website that encourages community service.

4 - Advisory services:

The Center to provides advisory services to managers, officials, and specialists on all matters related to staff recruitment and the selection of good employees by telephone, fax, and email.